How to become a pro gamer in 2017

A gamer is somebody who plays interactive games, for example tabletop games or video games.

Discussed below are step on how to become a professional gamer.

– Pick Your kind.

There are a wide range of types of gamers.

There are sci-fi,musicians,racers, athletes, , detectives,shooters,and so forth.

But whatever your gamer sort may be,there is one thing all gamers have in similar;the objective to be a number one professional gamer

– Tools of the Trade

Depending on the types of games you play, your equipment can make a critical difference.

FPS Players will need a high refresh rate screen, possibly with Nvidia sync technology.

Those milliseconds of delay make little difference for a RPG player, but when it comes to fps, it can mean getting or missing that critical shot.

All players will need a comfortable mouse, and an extended, high quality mouse pad is strongly advised.

Here is what an extended pad looks like:

Extended mouse pad with mouse and keyboard
An XXL Mouse Pad makes a big difference

Pro gamers need a pro pad, for proper mouse sensitivity and tracking. has a buying guide for the best ones and we agree with their #1 choice (the glorious 3XL Extended mat).

A Mechanical Keyboard will also make a world of a difference, for accurate sensitivity and depth.

Goes without saying that a proper gaming mouse is perhaps the most important piece of accessory.

A good chair, allowing for extended gaming hours is also very advisable.

– Play games – a lot

It may be pleasant that you get the opportunity to play a game you adore and believe you’re really great at.

But,do you cherish it enough to play it six, seven, eight hours a day, consistently?.


The professional players have a controlled practice plan against contenders at or over their own level, as it’s the best way to genuinely propel in skill.See to it that you’re always playing with individuals who are better than you are,as it’s the main way you’ll develop to a professional player. 

-Keep your daily job.

It’s generally great to have a back up plan, and it is not wise for anybody drop out of school or quit their present occupation until they have in any event some evidence they can profit and bolster themselves by gaming.

If you’ve won some competition prize cash, or your stream gets an average measure of dollars,you can hope to begin scaling your ordinary activities but cutting from starting point is a danger you should avoid taking.

– Follow pro gamers

Like discovering achievement in any field, it’s critical to consider the individuals who have excelled before you.Watching professional replays again and again until you begin to absorb their own techniques and strategies is an unquestionable requirement.

These players have been culminating their art for a considerable length of time and for somebody simply beginning,it’s absolutely critical to learn high level tactic first through watching and then through practicing. 

– Do your Homework.

Playing the game for quite a long time is great practice yes,however,often you may need to take a shot at one specific aspect of your play keeping in mind the end goal is to get the edge on your rivals.

The best Terran Star craft player on the planet, Marine King Prime,practices on splitting marines,an intricate, click-overwhelming game move, for quite a long time at once.

It just takes a few seconds in every occasion,except it’s similar to shooting a thousand free tosses so you’re ready to come through in the grasp when you have to.

– Gaming Community.

Comprehend that all master gamers are a part of a group and you ought to be as well.Whether it’s forming your own team or participating in forum discussions,it’s imperative that you’re not practicing alone.

Outside input and methodology exchanges with companions who likewise play is critical when endeavoring to become a professional gamer. 

-Rage control. 
Comprehend that you’re going to lose. Indeed, even the best players on earth lose anywhere in the range of thirty to fifty percent of their games.

Losing is a path of the way in which you become a professional player and trash and raging talk does nothing to help you move forward.Pro Ukranian Starcraft gamer White-Ra broadly had this to say in regards to losing;

learning and keeping you’re cool. 

– Gaming/Life Balance.

As much as we’ve stressed that hours of practice are fundamental for one to become a professional gamer,you need to have parity,meaning an existence outside of the game.

Numerous professional gamers began as teens,however,now have grown up and have groups they could call their own.Family and companionships are inconceivably vital for your mental prosperity, so don’t drive away people from your life for holing yourself up to play at all the time. 
– Gamer talent

Know that not everybody is cut out to be a professional gamer.Regardless of the possibility that you’re great, you could very well not have the physical capacity to be keeping pace with the stars.Electronic sports requires physical and mental ability and the top players need to make many activities a moment at all times,which makes them play at a practically superhuman rate.It essentially impractical for everybody,regardless of how much they may rehearse.You may be great at golf,yet that doesn’t fundamentally mean after 10,000 holes,you will be Tiger Woods.

Dreaming about the pro gamer life ? Check out what it’s like to live as a pro gamer in this video :




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